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Towards a New Era of Data Governance: Emmanuel François, President and Spokesperson of the DG4SC

In this year 2024, Emmanuel François, President and eloquent representative of the founding members of the DG4SC, gives us a revolutionary speech, which resonates like a hymn to hope and change in the field of data governance. His intervention, marked by realistic optimism, stands out clearly in a context often marked by pessimism.

Carrying the collective voice of the DG4SC, François calls for extensive and fair access to data, highlighting their crucial role in contemporary society. It highlights the imperative need to rethink our current data governance models, aligning them with values of freedom and equality.

Under his presidency, the DG4SC positions itself as a pioneer in the digital era, promoting the opening of data and the implementation of concrete projects. The flagship initiative of this new vision is the proposal for a universal charter for the use of data, called "Data for You", accompanied by the creation of local digital commons for better management of resources adapted to the specific needs of each community.

François highlights the importance of events such as after works, boot camps and hackathons to promote these avant-garde ideas. It also introduces the original idea of a “data fresco”, intended to raise awareness among businesses and communities of the importance of data governance. Renowned higher education institutions such as NEOMA, ESSEC and ESTP have already expressed interest in these initiatives.

Key actions include the adoption of the Data Act for easier access to data, the overhaul of data governance models, the promotion of local data governance, education and public awareness, as well as forming strategic partnerships with educational institutions and international organizations.

Join us in this fascinating exploration of Emmanuel François' vision for reinvented data governance in 2024. Watch the full speech to dive into the heart of these revolutionary ideas and discover how the President of the DG4SC, representing the ideals of its founding members, plans to transform our digital world.

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