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FEBRUARY 8, 2022

Organize for everyone respect and control of their private and intimate life, by providing every citizen with their own digital identity, respecting their individual freedom and responsibility and allowing them a full digital and social existence without unconstitutional tracking, and recognition of the right upon disconnection.


Equip citizens with thinking and decision-making tools to mobilize all collective dynamics and democratize governance. Progress towards a citizen who is more active and responsible because he is more enlightened. And protect them within the framework of reinforced digital sovereignty.


Build new legal and regulatory frameworks, to regulate any type of traceability necessary for this evolution of society while preserving individual freedoms and in line with the common good.


Adjust uses to local resources, by associating them with indicators defined and dynamically evaluated locally by a community involving citizens.


Encourage and supervise the advent of digital trust technologies bringing the promise of a better distribution of wealth between those who create them and those who use them. Give any contributor the opportunity to be remunerated for their contribution in the form of a shared license.


Take into account all individual dynamics for the benefit of the common good and collective success, whether economic, social or environmental contributions.


Introduce the concept of prosperity as a reference element in our society and invite citizens to collectively define its outline within their organizations.


Choose regenerative economic activity as the driving force of our society, including new clearly identifiable and traceable indicators, other than our current financial benchmarks, to evaluate any action or contribution.


Use the benefits of digital technology at the heart of any social organization, with secure and controlled access to data guaranteed by local shared governance, in the form of a voting digital citizen assembly, as a solution to essential citizen participation.


Guarantee the auditability of algorithms by a trusted third party and apply an ethical code for those involved from design to applications.


Consider data as a resource in its own right and a common good accessible to as many people as possible, subject to the authorization of their owner.


Establish an authentic digital culture for all citizens from an early age, at the same level as learning to read.


The health crisis has made us all realize that we have truly entered the digital age. A collective awareness of this importance invites us all to think, innovate and act differently.

Beyond human activities – work, education, health, environment, governance, finance – and on points as critical as freedom, mobility and more broadly our civilization, digital technology has become a formidable lever to respond to a great number of challenges.

But it has also become a tool of control and power with misused use of our data, thus severely restricting our individual freedoms and our civic responsibilities. Furthermore, recent and indisputable publications reveal the multiple disruptions caused by the destabilizing exploitation of social networks and we endorse their conclusions.

By evoking for example GAFAM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital currencies, blockchains, the cloud, the metaverse, online games, augmented virtual reality, etc.,The current debate focuses on tools and solutions and forgets to address the profound change underway that we can describe as “civilizational,” impacting all human activities and societal issues.

It is essential that real debate takes its place.

Digital technology must be treated in all its civilizational dimensions.

Digital technology has gradually penetrated our daily lives, becoming an integral part of our society and it is universal. At this stage and before a generalization of digital technology capable of following all the actions of our daily lives, is it not time to question the fundamentals of our society: where are we and where do we want to go? ;?

How, in fact, can we rethink our social organization and our relationship to our real environment in the digital age? If data is at the heart of this environmental and societal transition, it is undoubtedly time to think about its governance, on which the very governance of our society will depend. We, “citizens of the world”, enlightened and non-enslaved citizens, can still opt for a more responsible and more inclusive society!

This is why we came together in a collective that we called: ″Citizen-Nation″. We are indeed convinced that this “civilizational” mutation can only result from collective and inclusive citizen mobilization, particularly of the new generation, aimed at building the foundations of this new society that we wish to begin to build for youth and our children.

These points of attention are so fundamental that we ask that they appear fully in the priorities of the various candidates for the Presidency of the Republic and in particular in those for which the objective will be that France and the French become respectively a great nation and enlightened citizens of  21st century.

These are the founding points of a new social and economic organization which must be enriched and detailed over time and on which the signatories of the “Citizen Nation” collective undertake to work sustainably:

Let’s not get the debate wrong…

Digital governance is at the heart of our society which must be inclusive and responsible.

The future of all citizens depends on it.

  • Khaled AL MEZAYEN / President Inovaya

  • Elie AUVRAY / Co-founder of logion blockchain network, open source expert

  • Gilles BERHAULT / CEO of Stop Energy Exclusion

  • Christophe BESSON LEAUD / President Alliance Sens & Economy

  • Karin BORAS / Author

  • Geneviève BOUCHE / Cybernetic Futurologist and President ATENA 

  • Laurent BOUILLOT / President SIRADEL

  • Ruben BOUHNIK / Square Sense Development Manager

  • Thierry CHAMBON / President Energy

  • Richard COLLIN / General Delegate Les Transitionneurs

  • Jean-Pierre CORNIOU / Consultant, president Agile.IT, co-president Institute of Economy

  • Benjamin COLBOC / Project Manager – Green Systèmes

  • Jean Roch COUSINIER / President KLOUD’ICI

  • Xavier DALLOZ / Xavier DALLOZ Consulting

  • Eric DARGENT / Urban Agriculture Expert – Director Mycelium 

  • Isabelle DELANNOY / Writer and  President Do Green Symbiotic Economy

  • Emmanuel DUFRASNES / Professor at the National School of Architecture of Strasbourg.

  • Joëlle DURIEUX / President of Lead Tech Club 101

  • Silvio D’ASCIA / Urban Planning Architect

  • Domenico di CANOSA / CEO J2INN Italia

  • Ella ETIENNE / President Green Soluce

  • Casey JOLY, Intellectual Property Specialist Lawyer, Associate Manager at IpSO Firm.

  • Stéphanie FLACHER / Co-founder LOGION blockchain network

  • Yann Le Floch / Digital Money Maker

  • Alexandra FRANCOIS CUXAC / President AFC Promotion

  • Emmanuel FRANCOIS / President of the MAJ endowment fund

  • Alain GARNIER / President Jamespot and president of Eiffel Power

  • Patrick GIELEN / Bailiff (Brussels) and secretary general of the UIHJ

  • Pascal HUREAU / Deputy Mayor in charge of digital – City of Montrouge

  • Leonidas KALOGEROPOULOS / President Entrepreneurs for the Republic

  • Alain KERGOAT / Managing Director / Urban Practices

  • Dominique LE BOURSE / President PoE TIC

  • André Charles LEGENDRE / President KALIMA DB

  • Yann LE MOEL/ Pufferfishpartner

  • Jérémi LEPETIT / Entrepreneur, founder of the Retreeb payment solution

  • Francis MASSE / Former Senior Civil Servant and President of MDN Consultants

  • Isabelle MATHE / Citizen

  • Matthieu MERCHADOU MELKI / President of the Florida Blockchain Foundation and President Magma

  • Pierre METIVIER / Digital and IoT Expert

  • Pierre NOUGUE / President Ecosys and President Reporters d’Espoirs

  • Emmanuel OLIVIER / President UBIANT

  • Pierre-Marie PACAUD / Citizen

  • Patrick PONTHIER / consultant, PoMConsulting, and former general delegate of the AIMCC

  • Nathalie PILHES / Vice-President of the EUCLID institute

  • Raphaël ROSSELLO / Investment banker, Invest Corporate Finance 

  • Laurent SCHMITT / President Europe DCBEL Energy

  • Eric SEUILLET / President The Factory of the Future

  • Bernard SOULEZ / Advisor at Tech4What

  • Jean-Patrick TEYSSAIRE / President Electric Road

  • Dominique VALENTIN: President of Relais d’Entreprises and CEO of Vivrovert

  • Sabine VAN HAECKE LEPIC / Doctor of Law and teacher at Sciences Po

  • Jean-Marc VAUGUIER / President Z#BRE

  • Jennifer VERNEY / President VERNSTHER

  • Michel Volle / Co-president Institute of Economy


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