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Manifesto for Ethical Data Governance in the Digital Age

We, citizens of the digital age, recognize the critical importance of data governance in our society. We understand that digital technology, omnipresent in our lives, must be framed by solid ethical principles to preserve our freedom and dignity.

Principles of Freedom and Privacy: We affirm that everyone has the right to privacy and freedom of thought and action, free from excessive surveillance.

Transparency and Consent: We require transparency in the use of data and the informed consent of individuals for its collection and use.

Responsibility and Equity: We call for increased responsibility of digital actors in data management, ensuring fair and harm-free use.

Data Sovereignty: We support data sovereignty as a fundamental right, ensuring that individuals and communities have control over their personal data.

Adapting Human Rights to the Digital Age: We propose a revision of fundamental rights and responsibilities in the digital age, adapting the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity to our digital reality.

This manifesto is a call to action for all actors in society - citizens, governments, businesses and institutions - to together create an ethical digital society that respects humanity.

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