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Foresight: AI integrated into digital twins to predict your future health

Meet Foresight, an artificial intelligence tool that models future health conditions by creating digital twins of patients. This tool offers health projections with impressive accuracy.

Minority Report , but applied to health. This artificial intelligence tool is called Foresight and can predict your future health. Capable of creating digital twins of patients, it uses more or less the same principle as the large language models used by ChatGPT from OpenAI, Claude from Anthropic or Llama 3 from Meta. Technically, Foresight is a “generative transformer in temporal modeling of patient data.” According to a study, published in April 2024 in the Lancet Digital Health , carried out by British researchers from King's College London, the reliability of its projections seems high enough to consider use in the future.

To make this tool work, these researchers first trained it on the basis of numerous anonymized medical records. They then fed Foresight with new health data to create digital twins – virtual duplicates of patients. Once these profiles have been created, it becomes possible to project oneself into various hypotheses and to analyze, thanks to the significant computing power and data analysis of artificial intelligence, the probabilities of developing this or that disease, the performance of treatments and the need, or not, to act in prevention.

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