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The mayor of Nevers signs the Data4U charter

The Data Governance Alliance for Smarter Citizens is proud to announce that the DATA4U charter received its first signature yesterday, live from Mayors and Local Authorities Exhibition - SMCL.

We sincerely thank Denis Thuriot, Mayor of Ville de Nevers, President of Nevers Agglomération and President of Mission Ecoter - France and Digital Territories, for its commitment.

We see this as a tremendous encouragement for this charter to be supported by all municipalities in France as part of their calls for tender to guarantee their digital sovereignty, and thus be able to carry out public policies. based on reliable, secure and anonymized data.

Within the DG4SC, we have worked collectively on the Data4U charter to develop 10 guiding principles that embody the essence of what we should all put into practice in the digital age. This charter is built like a cycle, where the beginning and the end are inseparable, where each step feeds into the next, thus creating a dynamic of constant improvement. To discover it, go to 👉

Interested in finding out more about the Data4U Charter?

Our next working group on the subject will be held on:

🗓 December 5, 2023

⏰ From 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

📍 Videoconferencing

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